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Dear SRS,
Five years ago, you cleaned our pond. Since that time, we have enjoyed our pond more than we ever thought possible! The fish are doing great too. There are too many bluegills so we have introduced some bass and walleye, but the kids enjoy catching everything! I always give you the credit for the initial cleaning and the great advice on maintaining the water. We’ve been told the water looks cleaner than most pools! Hope your summer is as enjoyable as ours have been.

– B.W. & G.W – Wisconsin


Dear SRS,

We have solicited 3 proposals for sediment removal in Turner’s Pond. Your proposal came in 50% less than the first proposal and 400% less than the second proposal! Needless to say, we look forward to working with you again, as you did a great job on the Heathergreen Pond for us last fall.

R.W.- Village Administrator, Wisconsin


Dear SRS,

Earlier this summer we had problems with duck weed….but since the services of SRS, our pond has been beautiful. No more of that nasty stuff growing in it. In fact it is as pretty as it was when we moved here 15 years ago and decided to “improve” things. The Marine biologists who treat our pond four times a year are quite impressed as well. We are very grateful for your good work. Again, thanks a lot!

A.P. – Illinois


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